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1. We help you mature your AI / ML proof-of-concept into a working product.
2. We create a self-contained, optimized, compute-task that can be executed at scale.
3. Our platform allows you to execute your compute-task on demand. Any time, at any scale.
What is Scailable?

Scailable provides a unique platform to distribute compute-tasks over available compute-nodes. This allows us to carry out many modern Machine Learning and AI tasks (and pretty much anything you would typically carry out in a serverless environment) extremely efficiently and cheaply. To do so, we rely on WebAssembly; "a safe, portable, low-level code format designed for efficient execution and compact representation."

We focus on bringing machine learning to production using our platform. We can help you from the start:

  1. We will join your data science team to take your current machine learning or AI tasks (or proof-of-concept) and we will convert them into a scailable-task. A scailable-task is an executable, compiled, WebAssembly "application" that uniquely carries out your desired task fast and efficiently.
  2. We move your scailable-task to our platform. We open up a REST endpoint that allows you to consume your scailable-task anytime you want, at any scale you want. You just POST the input data to your task to https://sclbl.net/run/:cfid and you specify the requirements for your task.
  3. Our platform, using machine learning, will make sure your task gets executed as quickly and cheaply as possible. Our platform uniquely distributes tasks over available compute-nodes, meaning you are not tied into a single cloud compute or serverless provider. The task is yours, and free to go anywhere you want.
Our platform provides you with the ability to cheaply execute compute tasks at a very large scale. Your data science team can focus on innovation; we will take their ideas to production.

Refer to our Frequently asked questions for more information.

Cutting-edge technology does not exist in a vacuum. We rely on many open source projects to make our stack work, and we collaborate with academic institutions and research labs. We benefit from collaborations with ​the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science,(itself a collaboration between the ​Tilburg University and the ​Technical University of Eindhoven) and the nth-iteration lab, a research lab developing machine learning and AI methods for personalization.

Distributed compute

Our scailable-tasks are optimized and stand-alone. This allows us to distribute scailable-tasks to any available compute-node that is able to carry out the task. Our platform thus automatically, and in real-time, picks the compute node that is the most affordable. This can be a server at AWS, Google, or Microsoft, but it can also be one of our thousands of available web-nodes. Effectively, we provide serverless AI & ML on the edge.

Our approach liberates your compute tasks. They are no longer tied to the executing infrastructure, so you are not bound to a single cloud compute provider. Our unique model allows us to distribute your compute task to the most affordable compute supplier at that instant.

Our WASM optimization has increased the computational speed of evaluating Bayesian Additive Regression Models (see here for more information) by more than a 10-fold. Smartly distributing this optimized Machine Learning model over available compute-notes has cut the costs of running these models in production by over 60%.

Contact us if you want to get started right away.

Accessible endpoints

Scailable-tasks are available to you at any time, at any scale, by simply POST-ing the details of your task to

where :cfidspecifies the identifier of your compute task.

You are in control of the REST endpoints that enable your compute tasks. They are yours, and you can control access to them. You can use them solely for your own purposes, or you can open them up for others. This even allows you to monetize your tasks by allowing third parties to use them.

We have a number of publicly available task can be consumed. For example:

Task functionality Id Input
Image compression sdf726j-12 Image
Face recognition 42hni-ewqr1e Image
Tweet emotion detection 454sday-511a Text / plain
Optimal route selection 99nfh-33nz JSON
Churn prediction n988h-knza JSON
Do contact us if you are interested in consuming any of our open endpoints.

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Example projects

We work together with one of the Netherland's largest telecom operators to predict churn at scale.

Contact us if you want to properly classify churners.

We are working towards different solutions to put insurance fraud detection into production.

Contact us if you want to scale your fraud detection.

Our optimized machine learning models allow easy and secure classification of medical images.

Contact us if you want to scale your image processing.
Suppliers of compute

Our platform provides compute suppliers with a unique model to monetize their compute power. Any laptop, phone, supercomputer, or server can contribute to executing compute tasks. Obviously, as a supplier, you can earn by supplying your compute resources.

Our distributed model provides web content providers with a novel mechanism for monetizing their content. Adding a simple .js snippet to your website turns the machine of any visitor to your website into a compute node; a resource you as a content provider can monetize. Contact us if you want to join!

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If you want us to help you turn your Machine Learning or AI task into a Scailable task and allow you to put it into production at scale, do let us know. Fill out the form below, or give us a call at (+31) 0619196802.

Created in 2019 with ♥. For questions, contact us at go [at] scailable [dot] net.
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